Due to the on-going Covid 19 pandemic I will not be travelling to the UAE (or anywhere) during the winter season of 2020/21.  I am available to carry out remote design or consultancy for certain things, although there are limits to what can be done in this way.

Trees are complex things, and don’t always give up their secrets easily, but when considering what needs to be done, there are tell-tale signs to look for.  I can often spot these remotely if provided with good quality pictures and video.

I can remotely advise on the design, selection and placement of trees and other landscape elements.

What is harder is working with contractors to ensure that they know how to prune correctly – most, unfortunately, do not and the majority of inquiries I get are on this subject.  In the past, I have worked to train contractors in the correct use of tools and pruning techniques, but this is only viable on larger projects.

I am happy to work with you remotely as far as is possible!  Please contact me by email, phone or WhatsApp to discuss your needs.

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  1. Dear Mark
    I have visited your website and read your comments with interest. I am glad to say that we share a lot of thoughts, particularly on design, maintenance particularly pruning and problems with contractors which you have rightly mentioned in your survey, including lack of care or negligence.

    I have over 34 years of experience in landscape and in horticulture of GCC. I am Chartered Biologist and Member of the Institute Of Biology, London, England, UK. I have earned my PhD degree in horticulture & landscape from the University Of Reading, England, UK, in 1986. I have been in executive positions with engineering consultants: Parsons Int’l, Hyder Consulting, Dorsch Consultants, KEO International Consulting, Dar Al Handasha (Dar) Consultants, and I managed and supervised award winning landscape projects.

    The reason behind this introduction, is that I am interested to work with you in GCC.

    Presently, I am residing and working in Doha-Qatar, with WSP International, doing beatification projects with Ashghal(PWA).

    I am British citizen and the holder of a British passport.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions regarding my application to work with you.


    Prof. Dr. Nabil Agha PhD CBiol MIBiol(UK)
    Mobile: +974 3362 6453

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