Tree Consultancy Dubai

If you need help or advice with your trees, I will be visiting Dubai for the week of February 23rd, advising on trees for private and commercial clients.  If you have a tree you need help with, or a developments project with trees involved, I have a few appointments available.

I can advise on:

  • Pruning requirements
  • General health of trees
  • Root issues
  • Planting and irrigation
  • Health & Safety
  • Tree selection for planting
  • The design of “treescapes”

Please do get in touch!

2 Replies to “Tree Consultancy Dubai”

  1. Hi Dear,
    i am building my dream house i sharjah in UAE, as part of the house design, i have a place in the middile of the house next to the swimming pool were i am planning to plant a beautiful tree that can 1- give an amazing look, 2-survive in this weather 3- less issues of leaves or small leaves falling all the time as it is next to the pool,4- no issue with the roots that might destroy or affect the house foundation, you seems to be expert in this field and your advice will defiantly be so valuable to me, i would really appreciate if you can help me on this please, one last thing, the house is a U shape sitting on an L shape ground floor so it is open in the middile.
    thanks and regards,
    fahad alzarooni

  2. Hi trying to get an expert to identify roots we have growing in the pool so we can elimate the right tree. Happy to pay for your time.

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