Understanding Trees

Trees are unique and essential to a healthy ecosystem, to urban development and to climate mitigation/adaption. They are phytobiomes – essential ecosystem generators.

Gone are the days when we think of trees only as ornaments.

Trees have their own profession – arboriculture – and that knowledge is available in the Middle East regions via Mark Laurence, a UK based arborist and ecological landscape consultant.


Some services offered

A wide range of tree and landscape services are offered, from site surveys, tree care programs, ecological planting methods, podium and internal planting, etc.

Surveying trees in Dubai


Site Surveys

Surveys of trees on development sites are essential for the understanding and protection of trees. Surveys are best combined with tree care and protection plans and pruning/retention and root zone protection zoning.

Tree Surgery in the UAE organised by MLD


Tree Care Plans

Management of trees is a long term affair that begins with a desire or need for change and an appreciation or the role and value of trees.  Implementing correct care over time, including the training of maintenance staff, is important.

Tree Preparation and Transplanting UAE


Planting/transplanting Plans

Lifting trees for reuse on a development site is challenging in an arid environment, but can be done.  Unfortunately, this is often carried out incorrectly and results in a high mortality rate and/or disfigured trees.

Latest news from the blog

Occasional posts on a range of tree related topics for the Middle East/Gulf region.  Work I have done, things I’ve seen or written or what I find inspiring!

Years of neglect for these trees
I have had another article published in Landscape Middle East magazine, as part of an on-going series. This one focusses on tree roots and soil. We tend to ignore what goes on underground as we can’t see it and when we do carry out works or […]
I am currently involved in on-going consultancies giving advice on alternative tree planting methods, internal/external podium planting and site surveys for development in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Podium planting within built structure (internal or external) brings a whole range of challenges and opportunities. In this respect, […]
Training Staff Tree Pruning
I’ve been using Instagram on my main account (Mark Laurence Design) but now have one dedicated to my work with trees in the UAE: https://www.instagram.com/treecareuae/ Please have a look, follow and like! Thank you.

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