Years of neglect for these trees
I have had another article published in Landscape Middle East magazine, as part of an on-going […]
Training Staff Tree Pruning
I’ve been using Instagram on my main account (Mark Laurence Design) but now have one dedicated […]
Trees in Dubai
I’m always happy when I get to survey trees on a site. I will be out […]
On this last day of the year, it’s wet and dull outside here in the UK, […]
Trees in Dubai
It’s been a strange two years for all of us, with travel being difficult or impossible, […]
Landscapes are all about creating micro-climate, or would be, if designed for that goal. Why is […]
Planting design in the Middle-East
The other side of work I undertake in the Middle-East region is planting design, for creating […]
I recently supervised a major crown reduction on an over-mature Eucalyptus on an historic site in […]
On my last few trips to Dubai, I have been noticing a lot of trees with […]
Split branch in mature ghaf, fallen int its neighbour
I have said elsewhere that the landscapes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are growing (no pun […]