Trees in Dubai

It’s been a strange two years for all of us, with travel being difficult or impossible, for all the obvious reasons.  Whilst Covid has not gone away and we keep a wary eye on the Omicron variant, the world is more open now.

Good news, and it means I can travel again!  I am once again available to consult on trees and landscapes.  It requires a larger project with a fair number of trees (usually) for a visit to be viable.  Smaller projects or individual trees can then be consulted on when I have a visit booked.

So, hoping to visit in the early months of 2022… do contact me if you have a project to discuss!

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  1. Hello, I wonder if you could tell me what this beautiful tree is on this page, or what middle east trees would be great to create a canopy/pergola.

    thank you very much

    • Hi Abi, do you mean the one with red flowers? That’s Delonix regia, also known an poinciana, flamboyant or flame tree. it makes a great light shade tree!

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